Whole House Reverse Osmosis Cost

Whole House Reverse Osmosis Cost

Since people cannot control contaminants and other harmful substances entering into water and air. Human beings are trying to filter or clean almost everything that they eat and drink. Some of them even farm at their own backyards just to be sure that their foods are fresh and are free from chemicals. Others managed to end eating canned goods as these contain lots of preservatives that are not good to our health. But most of them filter their water that they drink even the water used for bathing, cleaning and etc. Fungi, contaminants and viruses that are present in water are not noticeable to our naked eyes.

Installing whole house reverse osmosis system is the answer to any water problem. The system purifies your drinking water at home. It would then be of much safety to your family. However, the system faces several issues. One is its noise which is so disturbing and is very unpleasant to ears. It is therefore advisable that it should be installed far away from bedrooms for you to sleep soundly. Second is its cost. As your concern on your water needs and its quality, its price goes along with it. Therefore, you must consult a water analyst first before buying one.

The standard whole house reverse osmosis cost ranges from $3,500 to $6,500 USD depending on brand. The package includes a membrane – reverse osmosis module, pump, 300 gallon or larger storage tank, liquid level controllers, hoses, gauges, valves, frame and a repressurization system-which are the basic components of a system. Others offer optional stuff like a low pressureshut-off switch, water flow meter, a recycle valve and flow meter, an automatic fast flush, a prefilter gauges and a 220V pump. While some companies offer free installation, there are still some who collect installation fee. Installation includes the process of electrical and plumbing. The installation cost depends on your location but it should be on the range between 300 to 400 USD.

The cost of whole house reverse osmosis system varies with your water needs. If you find the whole house RO packages offered in your local market are not up to modern standards, you can always buy a whole house system online from a market leader in whole house reverse osmosis systems. As to the specification of the stuffs needed, your water analyst will give you the list that goes along wit your wants for you to have a better water quality. Of course you will incur additional costs for every additional upgrades added to the package.

It is indeed a need to have a whole house reverse osmosis system to be installed at homes when you high TDS, Sulfur or Iron. If you value your family so much then the cost of installing the system will never be a matter to you. Comparing the system installation cost (for you to have safe drinking water) with hospitalization cost (for drinking contaminated water), it is absolutely cheaper! Thus goes the saying: “Prevention is better than cure.” We only live once. We must take precautions to defend our body against free radicals and other viruses that are present in our environment. Remember, water is a need – not a want. Therefore, spending money on whole house reverse osmosis system is never wasting your money.